Ex-Teacher Given Jail Time After Giving Students Cupcakes Laced With Husband’s Sperm

Cynthia Perkins, 36, an ex-teacher from Louisiana was punished on Friday after pleading guilty to second-degree rape, making of child pornography and plot of mixing destructive materials. She self-confessed to giving her schoolchildren cupcakes laced with her spouse’s semen.

Perkins has been punished to 41 years in jail and she has no opportunity of bail for 40 years.

The ex-teacher had confronted 72 charges of numerous sexual misconducts and testifies against her spouse, Dennis Perkins, an ex-sheriff’s assistant who is facing 150 unlawful charges, several of which are also sexual misconducts. The duo was detained in 2019 after they apparently sexually abused a child together.

Perkins applied for separation from her spouse subsequent to their detentions and alleged that her husband had used her into committing the wrongdoings.

The twosome was busted after establishments got a tip and later, investigators found undressed snaps of them with the minor.

A complaint registered against Dennis Perkins and the Livingston Parish School System claims that Cynthia Perkins videoed her spouse providing sperm for the cupcakes and energy drinks that were later served to children.  

Cynthia put down her papers the day after her detention, whereas Dennis was thrown away from his deputy role.

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