Ezra Miller says failing to refer to them by pronouns is an ‘intentional act of bigotry’

During their arrest in Hawaii in March, Ezra Miller chastised a cop for addressing them “sir” and clarified that they referred as “transgender non-binary.”

Miller informed the cop in newly released body cam footage from the arrest that neglecting to identify them by their right pronouns again would be a ‘deliberate act of discrimination’ and a formal ‘hate crime.’

Miller, 29, who utilizes they/them pronouns and came out as gay in 2012, told The Hollywood Reporter in 2018: ‘Queer basically means no, I don’t do that.’ I don’t consider myself a guy. I don’t consider myself a lady. ‘I scarcely recognize myself as a human.’

The clip starts with Miller being belted into the car by the cop, when they voice fears about having their ‘nerves’ destroyed due to their music career. ‘Please let me sit with my hands out so I don’t have nerve damage.’ As a musician, the nerves in my hands are really vital to me. Please do not injure them. ‘I implore you, please,’ Ezra murmured.

‘I have nerve damage from my life in New Jersey because of police handcuffs.’ I know you’re not one of those policemen. But please, please, please don’t hurt my nerves in my hands again. ‘It would be terrible for me,’ Ezra added.

During the automobile trip, Ezra rectifies the cop who addressed them as “sir” during a talk about Hawaii. ‘I’m not a sir; I’m transgender non-binary; please do not address me as sir,’ Ezra stated. The officer responded by saying he was simply trying to be courteous.

"I'm Transgender, Non-Binary And I Don't Want To Be Searched By A Man!" Actor Ezra Miller ARRESTED In Hawaii

"I'm Transgender, Non-Binary And I Don't Want To Be Searched By A Man!" Actor Ezra Miller ARRESTED In Hawaii

Posted by Ben Shapiro on Thursday, 12 May 2022

Assuming you do it again, that is an act of purposeful hatred and a technical hate crime under US Federal Law.’ Please address me as they/them/theirs, or use the phrase blend,’ Ezra says.

When they got to the station, Ezra questioned the officer if their body camera was still turned on.

‘Do you still have your bodycam on?’ Will you check to see whether it’s still on?’ Ezra inquired of the police, who informed them that it was on.

Later, Ezra complained of discomfort when the police officer requested them to stand against the wall while removing a watch and another thing from him Miller was detained on March 28 in Hilo, Hawaii, after reportedly spitting on somebody’s face at a pub during a darts game.

The clip is only the most recent body cam footage from the episode.

In bodycam footage of their detention in Margarita Village published last week, the enraged actor claimed that they were the true victims of assault prior to demanding to know the police officers’ complete identities and badge numbers.

Miller was arrested again in Hawaii weeks later on suspicion of throwing a chair at a woman’s head after she refused to leave her house when requested. Miller was accused of second-degree attack in connection with the incident.

They then discussed their “ninth amendment rights” to not be “unlawfully hunted for no offense.” They were charged with disorderly behaviour. They are also handcuffed in the seven-minute footage.

Miller then discusses his “ninth amendment rights” to not be “illegally” prosecuted for a crime of “no categorization.” They assert the Fourth Amendment right not to be searched or seized.

Warner Bros. called an emergency meeting the day following their arrest for spitting in someone’s face to suspend projects in which they were engaged.

Miller allegedly began throwing insults at a 23-year-old woman singing karaoke in March. The actor also attempted to take her microphone mid-song. Miller then rushed at a 32-year-old guy who was playing darts at the tavern later that night. Police were ultimately summoned to handle the out-of-control celebrity.

Following the arrest, a local couple that Miller met at a farmer’s market and let the actor stay in their home bailed Miller out of prison on a $500 bond. Miller, according to the husband, had a nervous breakdown after arriving home from jail and threatened his wife, screaming, ‘I will bury you and your s*** wife.’

Miller made news in January after posting a now-deleted video on Instagram threatening individuals of the Ku Klux Klan in Beulaville, North Carolina. Miller was filmed instructing Klan individuals to shoot themselves with their own firearms or ‘we’ll do it for you if that’s what you want.’


#TheFlash vs the #KluKluxKlan?! The Flash star Ezra Miller sends a cryptic message to the Beulaville Chapter of the KKK. I think he may have made a new fan today.⚡️ #EzraMiller #Speedforce #Speedster #ScarletSpeedster #DCComics #JusticeLeague #TheFlashmovie

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Miller had another run-in with the authorities in 2011, when they were detained for narcotics possession.

The actor, then 19, was a passenger in a vehicle when it was pulled down in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and officers discovered 20 grams of marijuana on them.

A court eventually dismissed the drug possession accusation, but they were convicted with two counts of disorderly behavior and fined $600.

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