Fallen Soldier’s Kids Were Taken To Disneyland For Free Of Charge.

Gary Sinise is an American actor known for his roles in Forrest Gump, Apollo 13 and The Green Mile. But what many might not know about him is that he does a lot of work to help others, particularly U.S. military veterans.

He established the Gary Sinise Foundation, which works to serve the needs of not only veterans and their families, but also first responders and their families.

One of the programs of the foundation is the “Snowball Express.” This allows children of fallen soldiers to visit free of charge a very magical place – Disney World.

Recently, nearly 1,800 children were flown to the theme park in Orlando, Florida, for a 5-day visit, courtesy of Sinise and his foundation.

Says Sinise: “The most important thing about [Snowball Express] is that these children don’t feel alone. There’s a lot of healing and a lot of bonding and a lot of friendship that goes on that helps them through the rest of the year.”

And when it was posted on social media, there were plenty of reactions. Said one from Brenda Jennings: “Gary Sinise has done so much for our veterans and their families for many years. He is truly an awesome man who gives in a lot of ways. I would love to meet him to shake his hand and tell him how much we appreciate him.”

Says another from Ann Hester: “Gary Sinise is a wonderful person! God bless him for all that he does for the veterans and everyone else.”

Sinise took his stardom and put it to use for amazing things that few others in his business would do. And it’s made a tremendous difference in the lives of so many.

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