Family Dollar employee charged with murder after opening fire on violent thief.

A Family Dollar employee in Arizona has been charged with murder after police claim he fired 10 bullets at a shoplifter who attacked him.

Kevin Salas Madrid, 24, approached the serial shoplifter and urged him to leave the shop, but the shoplifter hit him in the face, knocking off Madrid’s spectacles.

Madrid reportedly then drew a pistol and shot the shoplifter at least ten times, including several times while he was on the ground.

In his probable cause statement, Kevin acknowledged that he had made the worst choice of his life.

Kevin stated that he was hit and chose to fire, but in retrospect, he understood it was egregious.

According to one shop employee, Madrid fired up to 15 rounds and claimed afterward that he couldn’t control his rage.

Madrid was arrested and charged with second-degree murder.

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