Family Got Annoyed When She Refused To Be A “Good Influence” For Her Step -Dad Kids. Help!

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I’m 16F, the steps are 14F, 10M, and 9F. My mom and their dad have been dating a little over a year and are engaged. We just all moved into a new place together because the parents want to blend the families and no one but them are happy about it. The steps and I made an agreement before they moved in that we all just leave each other alone because none of us want a new family, but if they need an emergency lift or help with something when the parents aren’t around, that’s fine.

The issue started because I’m a serious athlete so my lifestyle has to be pretty healthy. I work out a lot and I meal prep most of my own food to make sure I keep up with my nutrition plan. The step-family has a very different way of doing things and that’s causing some friction. I dgaf what shape or size they are, just to throw that in there, it’s none of my business, but step-dad has started like using me as an object lesson to the kids – “OP always eats really healthy, we should probably all be doing that” and “Maybe OP could give us some pointers and we could do a family gym night”, that kind of thing. It’s really upsetting the 14 yo especially I think because she’s kinda sensitive about her size and having me around isn’t helping with that already.

Over the weekend, I was making a shopping list for meal prep for the week when step-dad brings the 14 yo in and says “Hey, OP, Step-Sis would like to try your meal plan out, can you walk her through it?” This is a dumb ask anyway, my diet won’t work for her because I spend a lot of extra calories a day most days, and I’m not a nutritionist to figure out what she needs, but also she looks like she wants to die on the spot. So I say “Step-sis, do you really want to do this?” She says no, so I tell her dad that he probably needs to just back off because this is real sucky for everyone. He says “I just think her seeing how you do things would be a good influence” and I’m like “I’m not here to be a good influence on your kids, that’s your job.”

So now I’m in trouble for being disrespectful and we had to have this big family meeting about all getting along and helping each other and I got in more trouble for telling them that’s rich because they didn’t care what any of us thought about anything when they were making decisions, but I don’t really think any of this is even helpful? Like, it would be different if the other kids wanted to get fit. It’s still not a job for me, but I could try to do a support.

What advice would you give her ?

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