Family Hiring Nanny For $64k A Year With 28 Vacation Days, Job Turns Heads With Special Condition.

In Scotland, a family is ready to recompense more than $60,000 to a permanent housekeeper on the condition that he or she has to be ready to live with ghosts.

The family has given an advertisement for a permanent caretaker. The ad states that the pair have two children and live in a beautiful, expansive, historic property in a isolated spot with remarkable sights.

The work explanation is what you would naturally imagine. This says making breakfast, getting the kids prepared for school, dropping off and picking up from school and supporting after school as well as helping with schoolwork and getting them prepared for bed.

Since both parents are need to travel for work frequently, the future caretaker would be unaccompanied in the house with the kids up to 4 nights every week.

Besides paying $63,000 salary, the family is also offering 28 break days a contented room with attached rest room and private kitchenette.

But then there is somewhat of a catch. At the bottommost of the occupation item, it is exposed that the family’s home is said to be occupied by ghosts.

It appears like a minor problem until you learn that the family have yet to get a caretaker courageous enough to stay around for more than a few months.

The advertisement said that five caretakers have quit the job in the last year, each mentioning paranormal occurrences as the reason, together with bizarre sounds, cracked glass and equipment moving on their own.

The post has received an awesome number of answers. The mother said that they have got more than 2,000 replies, as well as messages of support and requests for the work.

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