Family Invites Every Kid From Neighborhood Except The Little Girl Next Door.

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We live on a block filled with kids. Every now and then I like to get a bounce house and throw a little backyard party for them. I threw another one last week. I want my son to have good memories with his neighbor’s kid friends because they all go to different schools.

I told the parents about the party and that was in lieu of an invite. I didn’t invite the 8yo girl who lives next door.


My fu**ing God she screams over everything. It’s not even a scream. It’s ear piercing screeching. I cannot stand it. I can tune out the loud sounds from my 7 and 9yo boys and their friends but not that girl’s screaming.

It’s like she sees a bug, she screams

She thinks someone is chasing her, she screams.

She jumps off a swing, she screams.

I’m pretty sure it’s for attention but I can’t spend my Saturday listening to it in my backyard. Like I’d end up yelling at her and I don’t want to do that or come across like an angry dad.

Her parents did ask me if something was wrong because she wasn’t invited. I bluntly told them that I just can’t take the screaming. They said she’s no louder than any other kid. No, she’s MUCH louder.

I told them I didn’t want to discuss it any further. If and when she can stop her screaming then I’ll be more than happy to invite her to my backyard parties.

They were deeply offended.

I’m not looking for suggestions to abate her screaming or possible explanations for her screaming. I just don’t want to hear it or be around it. 

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