Family puts foot down and refuses to sell land worth $50M to developers.

If we list out the things that hold emotional beliefs in our lives, homes are one thing that tops the list. When we acquire a home or perhaps a piece of land, we usually pass it down through generations. Such places hold reminiscences, affection and space forever in our hearts. Home is somewhat that we simply would not want to give up or give away regardless of high pay checks and cash price.

Edith Macefield, 84, who lived in a miniscule home in Seattle shared her story all over the world after she declined time and again to sell her home to buyers who wanted to construct a shopping centre on that piece of land. Even after Macefield’s demise, people objected and fought to keep the home as it is.

It reflects that some things cannot have a price ticket on them. In spite of Macefield’s passing, individuals became to know and love the home so much that buyers lastly decided to keep the home upright after much public uproar and insistent.

The Zammit family from Australian who also has refused a large sum of cash for their family’s home and land. The family owns an enormously big portion of land in Ponds, has declined to sell their two-hectare of plot. The assets are a family-owned plot.

Seeing at the space and zone owned by the family, it’s cool to see that buyers are quite irritated that they do not wish to trade. It is an area big enough to put up lots of homes and easily making for massive cash out. Regardless of being irritated with the family, many buyers also offer applause for their denial to sell.

Buyers say that those who possessed land similar to the Zammit family had sold years ago for high prices but this family have held on. Property buyers also disclose that they could make a million dollars on just one block of homes constructed.

Regardless of being presented millions of dollars, the Zammit family is still holding true to their wish to keep their family home in their name and ownership.

This becomes a perfect example that money does not every time buy everything.

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