Family rents a cottage for a night, finds their son’s doppelgänger in an old painting on the wall.

The Stevenson family was heading home from a mountain ski holiday when they stopped at a rural Airbnb.

Jenny Stevenson says that their children were arguing in the backseat, so she located a tiny cottage for them to stay overnight.

The family from Sweden started exploring the creaking, ancient home that was adorned in vintage flowery wallpaper after dumping their baggage.

Jenny claims she got a shiver when she discovered the guest bedroom was secured from the outside. Her daughter then discovered an even more spooky discovery.

Jenny and her husband, Jethro, were having supper with their kids, Dita, 14, Morty, 11, and Barney, 8, when they discovered a print of a work by Swedish artist Carl Larsson, who died in 1919, on the wall.

Jenny reflects that her daughter said they’ve got a picture of Barney on the wall!

Everyone at the table agreed, even Barney. The likeness was uncanny. Barney’s twin sister might be the small girl in the poster.

Jenny comments on the artwork and the expression she’s making; Barney pulls that face all the time. When she asks him to smile for a photo, he gives her a really deep, serious expression.

Jenny showed her Twitter followers a side-by-side comparison of Barney and the little girl in the picture.

Jenny said on April 8 that she just arrived at their quiet rural B&B to see a painting of their youngest kid represented as a little girl. There’s no frightening precedent for this, so it’s probably OK.

One user overlaid the two photographs, revealing how similar the looks are, and posted the result on Jenny’s thread.

Jenny, on the other hand, thought the entire situation humorous.

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