Family visiting Disney World discover unknown Apple AirTag tracking teen daughter

A Tennessee family was surprised to learn that their 17-year-old daughter’s activities were being traced by an Apple AirTag around Walt Disney World in Florida for almost four hours.

Jennifer Gaston and her daughter Madison got worried earlier this week when the adolescent received a warning on her iPhone suggesting they were being watched as they rode the Magic Kingdom’s monorail back to their car in Florida.

Madison had been monitored for four hours, from 7.09pm to 11.33pm, according to the notice. The tracker had tracked her every move in the enormous amusement park, all the way to the parking area. Jennifer explained that they were afraid, bewildered, wounded, and worried. Madison genuinely observed it follow them from the tram to their vehicle. It displayed the initial location where it was identified with her, then it essentially forms a line and connects the locations where she had gone.

The adolescent and her mother searched their car but were unable to locate the gadget. They shut the vehicle door and drove away before phoning the cops, with Madison using her iPhone to track the device’s whereabouts.

Jennifer explained that as she was refreshing it, it showed the AirTag was still in our parking place, so apparently it dropped out as they were quickly shaking off clothing and pulling everything out of their bags.

The $30 wireless gadgets were intended to assist individuals keep track of goods they frequently forget, such as keys or wallets, but it has now been proven that stalkers utilized them to follow individuals. When an AirTag is away from its user, the gadget alerts a nearby iPhone, preventing ‘unwarranted tracking.’ For instance, if somebody places an AirTag on a car but does not go in the car, the driver should be notified that there is an AirTag nearby or travelling with them.

Madsion explained that she had seen videos of other individuals warning people about them and what they were. So that’s how she recognized what they were, and she didn’t disregard the alert.

The AirTag should start making a sound to alert those around to its position. Users have noted, however, that the notice and sound might take hours or even days to be conveyed and even able to be turned off. The gadgets are also rather compact and may be readily concealed.

According to Apple’s website, the AirTag’s position is transferred to iCloud, where it may be viewed on a map. The system uses the ‘Find My’ app to assist its owner with step-by-step instructions for locating the tag and the lost merchandise.

Madison and her mom concurred that individuals ought to report any suspicious digital activity on their phones and study more about new tracking technology as time goes on.

Garson advised that one should definitely conduct one’s study and figure out what these are. Make sure you have the correct settings on your phone so that if you do wind up with an Air Tag, your phone will identify it.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida stated that because the family did not personally discover the AirTag, the occurrence was not classified as a crime. Investigators, on the other hand, have submitted an incident report and have been made aware of the situation.

Apple has created an Android-friendly software called tracker detect that will notify Android users if an AirTag is following them.

Because of rising worries about the device’s abuse, several privacy advocates have advocated for the devices to be removed off shop shelves. David Benson, a security specialist in the region stated that some individuals with ill will toward others are utilizing it to possibly harass people, track people, tag vehicles, especially luxury automobiles that they may want to come back and steal. Even if it isn’t at epidemic proportions, it is occurring at a rate that is worrying.

If an individual discovers oneself being monitored after discovering an AirTag, Benson advises going to a public spot and informing local authorities rather than going home or to a hotel.

In January, a mom from Texas reported discovering an AirTag glued inside her duffel bag while traveling from Texas to Maine. She said that she believes they would have harmed her. She does not believe that it can be done for fun. She claimed that it took about 14 hours for them to notice her this was happening.

Since Apple debuted the tracking gadget in April, hundreds of other women have submitted videos on TikTok to share their tales of how they discovered odd AirTags connected to their goods and tracking their position.

Each AirTag has a serial number physically inscribed on it and is Bluetooth-enabled. If law enforcement obtains a court order, Apple may expose the identification of the iPhone to which the AirTag is enrolled in.

Women are being advised by law enforcement to attend to the police station as soon as they receive an unlawful AirTag notice or locate the device. They suggest avoiding returning home if feasible, although most women appear to find about the tracking devices after returning home.

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