Family Was Being ‘Eaten Alive’ At Walt Disney World, Bitten 331 Times.

Christina Streble and her family were on holiday in Central Florida when they found bites on their bodies while visiting Walt Disney World. Because they were in a warm-weather area, they believed the bites were caused by mosquitoes, but as more appeared over the following several days, they recognized it had to be something else.

Their older daughter had 206 bites, and their middle daughter had 125 bites. They were red and inflamed, the mom of four kids recounted, emphasizing her children’s pain. Furthermore, the images speak for themselves.

Christina Streble and her family returned to their room at Kissimmee’s Oak Plantation Resort, pulling down the bed covers and lifting the mattress. They made a startling discovery at that point. The mattress was infected with bed bugs the size of a watermelon seed, which feed on human blood and are extremely difficult to eradicate.

Christina said that when her husband informed management of the matter, nothing was done. The Strebles had to cut their trip short in order to return home to Louisville. Christina claims that when they consulted a doctor, he informed her that it was the worst case he’d ever seen.

Following the family’s consumer complaint, inspectors from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation visited the resort and verified the presence of bed bugs in the family’s room. The room has since been treated, according to resort spokesperson Grace Velez. She described it as an isolated incident.

They have a total of 242 units. They were at 96 percent occupancy last weekend, and this is the only complaint that came out of this resort, Velez added. They are a great family-friendly resort with a great staff close to Disney, so please don’t let this scare one off.

The resort intends to contact the family and give them a refund for their time spent or a free week back. But considering that the family’s children are still terrified of what occurred, it’s unlikely that they’ll return to the resort anytime soon. It’s a nightmare, said Christina Streble. The kids have difficulty sleeping as they continue to believe something is crawling on them.

I feel sorry for this family and everyone else who has been in a similar circumstance. Perhaps the family realized that their baggage may have included the bugs as well and took the required steps to avoid bringing them back home. If not, they’ll be fighting them for a long time since they’re not easy to get rid of. For the rest of us, let this serve as a reminder to examine our rooms thoroughly while traveling away from home. It’s always better to be safe than sorry—or very irritated.

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