Family Was Not Happy When This Successful Couple Bought A House.

Source: Reddit

My fiancé and I bought our first house this week and both her family and my family are pissed off at us.

My family think that I bought a money pit because it needs a new roof. However, I’m buying it for $5000 less than appraisal to cover the roof. They are also mad at me because I bought a house 30 minutes from my sister who is pregnant but where she lives is just not what me or my fiancé want to live. The traffic is terrible, it’s nothing but subdivision after subdivision and it’s just not a place we want to live. We picked a small town that we love. Finally they are pissed off that I got a 15 year mortgage even though when I’m ready to sell I’m going to have a larger amount of equity and have paid less interest and I can afford to do it. The mortgage payment is literally $300 less a month than my rent is now.

Her family are mad at us because they feel like we jumped into this before getting married. We have been together for 6 years and been engaged for 1. We prioritized paying for a house first over paying for a wedding. Mainly because our rent was so high it would be better to decrease our monthly expenses. They are also mad because he wanted me to save up for a 20% down payment. Which to get a 20% down payment I would have to live in the apartment for another 13 months. In that time I would have to pay 17,000 in rent to save $26,000, just so I wouldn’t have to pay a PMI of $29/month. They are also pissed that we didn’t wait for my fiancé to graduate before buying. Which I can kind of see but I already have a down payment saved plus enough to pay for the roof and an emergency fund in case anything happens. And the price of this house is about what we were planning on buying even after she graduated. So why wait? Finally her mom is mad because she is jealous we can afford a house and is being passive aggressive by saying things like “I’m sooo happy you can afford that”

It just sucks. We have not heard a single positive thing come from them. Nothing like “I’m happy for you but…” This is a huge milestone in our life and no one is happy for us. Everyone is just nit picking about this or that. You can disagree with what we are doing and voice your opinions. But at the end of the day we are adults taking a big life changing step and it deserves to be celebrated.

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