Father And Daughter Reconstructs Sweet Graduation Photo 18 Years Later On Her Big Day.

A social media post these days is making a buzz after a high school graduate shared a sweet side-by-side reformation snap of her and her father on their respective graduation days.

The first photograph was taken sometime in 2000 when Dennis Roach was graduating. Dennis was clicked holding Tori, his baby girl in his arms as he celebrated receiving his high school diploma.

The snapshot was discovered last year as Toriโ€™s family were looking for her baby snapshots to use at her own high school graduation get-together. Toriโ€™s aunt advised that Dennis and Tori use her forthcoming graduation to reconstruct the charming photo 18 years later. For Tori, it seemed like the perfect occasion to grab a matching pic with her dad as they were both graduating from the same institute.

Tori shared the side-by-side photo on Twitter and the post swiftly gone viral. The post that contained the original photo as well as a new one in which Dennis now 37, held his daughter in his arms.  

Tori said that being able to reconstruct that picture was actually nice.ย It took Tori and her father closer in a way since they could share that moment and she feel that not many other people are fortunate enough to experience that.

One year after the post first made the buzz on Twitter, it has been gaining fame another time as graduation season is just round the corner. People had started sharing, liking and mentioning all over again.

Tori and her father are both happy. They both are from a lesser known town and nothing like this really ever happens to them.

At this time, Tori is a scholar with her visions set on graduating this year. She has certain planes on reconstructing the picture again for her university graduation. Interestingly this is in the same town where Tori was born and brought up.  

Once Tori graduate, it will be in the same arena that she had graduated from high school and the same arena that her father had graduated from high school. It seems like a tradition full of pride.

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