Father slammed for storming off after learning he is having a third daughter during gender reveal

A father is being condemned as horrible on his upsetting response to learning that his third child will be a girl in the course of gender reveal.

Hopeful mum and her husband already have two daughters, 3 and 1 year respectively and they are now expecting their third daughter, which they learned at a gender disclose around a week before.

But while the mother and her toddlers were voiced joy, father was evidently quite hopeless not to get a son and uttered that by constantly screaming vulgar language and storming off.

@kc.fulton Baby Fulton #3 is a……. I swear he’s happy 🤣#umbrella#confetti#genderreveal #fultongirls#girlmom#ByeByeSundayBlue ♬ original sound – kc.Fulton

In the videotape, @kc.fulton, her other half and their two daughters stand outside while @kc.fulton opens a black umbrella over to them. Pink confetti comes out, dropping around them and telling that they are going to have another girl.

Instantly, father moans, clearly annoyed not to get a boy. He stands up and walks away from his family as his wife occupies their daughters.

Off-camera, he carry on to pout, screaming ‘f***!’

When mother emphases on her kids, asking her three-year-old daughter if she’s having a baby brother or sister, her hubby leaps in front of them, once again intensely screaming ‘f***!’

Captioning the video, @kc.fulton who giggled through her husband’s response maintained that he is happy.

But watchers are far from persuaded and the video had swiftly racked up above 43.5 million views.

While the mother has restricted remarks on that specific video, disapproval has tipped in on her additional posts and has also bled into Twitter, where the video is being again shared with shock.

One of the user said that the video was painful to watch and she said that she cannot visualize having a father that was dissatisfied in her before she was born. She wrote that husband’s response was disturbing. Another use said that the husband should be embarrassed of himself for that response.

On Twitter, a man raised grave question about these kinds of videos and wrote that what these videos communicate to the other little girls when their father responds like this?’ A one commenter replied and said that it communicates to him that the world is fortunate that this father is not going be raising a boy who will end up like him.

Another lady commented that it just makes her sad and added that she don’t know how women pick men like this and look past it.

Yet another use commented that he won’t make any judgements about his capacity as a father as he don’t know anything about him but said that this reaction should concern the mother way more than it seemingly does.

On TikTok, @kc.fulton has tried to protect her hubby, subsequent to the contentious video of one of him laughing with his other two daughters.

Though, it does seem like he has quite a bit of a bad language problem, as an initial video captures one daughter preaching him on his use of the f-word. 

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