Fed-Up 88-Yr-Old Liquor Store Owner Shoots Alleged Thief: “I Hope Word Gets Out…I’m Not Taking It Anymore”

May Boyce, a Nashville native, finds the world to be a particularly scary place. The 88-year-old widow is barely 5-foot-3-inches tall and weighs 115 pounds, making her an obvious target for anybody with malice. Luckily, she has the Second Amendment to even the odds.

The feisty owner of Murfreesboro Road Liquor and Wines was frustrated with shoplifters repeatedly targeting her business, most likely viewing the sweet-looking elderly as easy prey. She told that she had been robbed many times, even once when her wrist was seemingly broken. She was sick of being afraid. As a result, Boyce armed herself in order to safeguard her life and livelihood.

Boyce claims that on a Tuesday evening when she was staffing the counter, two strange males entered her establishment and attempted to take some booze. She told cops that one of the guys went to the rear of the store where the vodka was kept, while the other accosted her in a way that she understood meant he was going to steal from her.

Boyce swiftly grabbed her .38 Smith & Wesson snub-nose revolver and laid it casually on the counter. Ramon Fisher, she alleges, then seized a few bottles of Crown Royale and “lunged” towards her, attempting to force her to the ground. Boyce claims she had no option but to shoot when he fled for the exit with the stuff.

Boyce maintains she had no intention of shooting Fisher, yet her warning shot struck him in the back as he ran. She claims she was inexperienced with weapons and accidentally shot the perpetrator. Yet, she refuses to apologize for her behavior.

After policemen arrived on the scene, Boyce offered to go to the police station. She returned to her business, though, soon after posting a $10,000 bail.

An affidavit indicated that officers questioned Fisher, who was being treated at Vanderbilt Hospital for a gunshot wound. Fisher acknowledged being high on cocaine and alcohol at the time of the incident and intending to take the bottles from Boyce. Fisher revised his tale the next day, stating that he and his buddies were going to pay for the liquor and were merely walking away.

Boyce was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Authorities took her pistol and told her it may take up to two years before she could have it back. Boyce said she might not need it by then.

May Boyce has received a tremendous amount of support from both her store’s customers and social media users who have heard her tale. Despite her incarceration, she hasn’t let it affect her work ethic.

Boyce’s arrest has prompted a debate regarding a person’s right to safeguard not just their life but also their property. Whatever happens, the angry shop owner wishes any potential burglars to know she’s not going to tolerate it anymore.

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