FedEx Driver Shot And Robbed, Returns Fire With His Own Weapon — Suspect Dead

On a Tuesday night, an anonymous 32-year-old Philadelphia FedEx driver had just delivered a box at a residence in Northeast Philadelphia when things took a terrible turn. Shortly after 7 p.m., the FedEx driver was on his way to make a normal home delivery in the city’s Lawndale district when he was accosted by an armed shooter, who stole things from his FedEx vehicle and allegedly seized his wallet and keys.

The suspect then began firing, shooting the driver in the abdomen. The gunman probably didn’t expect the FedEx courier to be armed, however the robbery suspect quickly discovered the hard way that the driver was ready to protect himself. As the victim pulled his own firearm and flipped the tables, the attempted robbery rapidly devolved into a shootout.

After being wounded in the abdomen by a shooter, the FedEx driver opened fire, striking the perpetrator numerous times. Regardless of his injuries, the robbery victim was able to get into his vehicle and leave the scene. However, the wounded thief fled with the stolen things.

As police got reports of bullets fired in the vicinity, the victim drove into a neighboring parking lot in his FedEx truck, where he was discovered and able to describe what had occurred. He was able to inform detectives that he was making a delivery on the 600 block of Unruh and that soon after he finished that delivery, he was accosted by at least one guy and robbed at point of pistol, Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small revealed.

At first, they didn’t know if the culprit had been hit by gunfire, Small noted, however they quickly found out. Minutes after the FedEx driver in Philadelphia reported the incident, authorities were sent to the 1400 block of Creston Street, where they discovered the 27-year-old suspect in severe condition. He was discovered in a driveway, allegedly with several gunshot injuries to his chest, back, and torso.

Investigators discovered a car near where the culprit was discovered, which had some of the things taken from the FedEx truck. Furthermore, investigators recovered blood and a bullet casing inside the car, and at least seven expended gun casings were located near where the box was delivered on Unruh Avenue, where the incident happened.

The culprit, subsequently named as Jevan Lundy and found with the victim’s FedEx ID card, was taken to the hospital. He died of his injuries at 8:27 p.m., less than an hour and a half after the armed robbery. The FedEx driver, on the other hand, was sent to Einstein Medical Center in stable condition.

Police subsequently verified that the unidentified FedEx driver had a concealed carry permit and appeared to have acted in self-defense. Based on the first information that has been given, it looks to be self-defense: he was shot first, and he fired back, said Acting Police Commissioner Christine Coulter.

A second individual of interest was discovered alongside the car in which Lundy was discovered. Police were looking into who drove the robbery suspect from the gunshot site to where he was discovered. The guy discovered with Lundy was the owner of the automobile, which they suspect was used to transport Lundy away from the site of the crime.

He’s speaking to them, of course not implying that he was involved in the heist, Philadelphia Police Department Capt. Jason Smith said. The next day, a second culprit was apprehended, with cops believing the unidentified individual was an accomplice in the heist.

FedEx issued a statement following the tragic shooting, stating that it was fully working with cops. When questioned if drivers are permitted to carry guns, they stated that they are not permitted to share information of their internal regulations. The safety of their team members is of the utmost priority at FedEx, the firm stated in a statement. As a result, they do not publicly share information about their security practices. They shall make no more remark because the police investigation into this occurrence is still continuing.

While many may wonder if an employee should be permitted to carry a handgun on the job, this case appears to demonstrate that there are instances when it is absolutely vital for self-defense. Who knows what state the FedEx driver would have been discovered in if he had been unable to defend himself. Rather, he was able to safeguard himself against the suspected attacker.

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