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FedEx Driver Stumbles Upon Horrific Car Crash, Acts Fast When He Sees Little Boy Trapped In Car Seat.

After finishing his job as a FedEx delivery driver in South Carolina, Damien Rose was looking forward to a peaceful evening. What he didn’t expect was that his trip home would include rescuing a scared small child.

Rose was driving down a roadway in Moncks Corner when he was compelled to slow down due to a significant car collision involving two vehicles near the median. Rather than avoiding the collision, Rose followed his instincts, which informed him that the persons involved required immediate assistance.

Rose parked the truck and ran outside to see if anybody was hurt, since the persons involved appeared to be unharmed and were standing outside of their vehicles. He had just heard three words that sent his heart pounding.

The small boy in issue was still strapped in his car seat inside one of the smashed automobiles. Rose realized he didn’t have time to waste with smoke leaking from someplace beneath the hood if he was going to bring the youngster to safety.

Damien Rose pushed open the vehicle door, unbuckled the scared youngster, and hurried him out. The security camera on the FedEx truck showed the tiny kid placing his head on Rose’s chest as he took him away.

Rose then observed a woman locked inside the second car. Despite the fact that there seemed to be no imminent risk, he jumped in to assist. When he couldn’t open any of the doors, he reassured her by pledging to stay with her until emergency personnel came.

Rose stated that both families were pleased that he stayed to assist them. While they thanked him, he stated that he is the one who is glad for the opportunity to assist. He added that his grandmother had been in a similar tragedy and that he is grateful that somebody was able to help her as well.

FedEx driver saves child after crash

What an angel! This South Carolina FedEx driver saved a child and waited with a woman after a crash. Now he has an amazing story to tell.❤️🙏

Posted by WYFF News 4 on Tuesday, March 29, 2022

There was no more information revealed concerning the disaster. Nevertheless, everyone concerned is thankful that Rose was there to help and console them until emergency first responders came. The hero is wishing that his attempts will lead to good karma.

Damien Rose is a true hero in every way. He not only put his own life in jeopardy to save a kid, but he also remained with another victim to provide solace until they could be rescued.

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