Female Dog Who Lost Her Entire Litter Adopts A Monkey.

In Cartagena, Colombia, a female dog lost her entire litter. But soon after that, she met a baby monkey, and the two bonded extremely fast. The baby monkey helped the dog through her depression over losing her litter, and it was a great comfort to her.

The two now spend all of their time together. And that baby monkey is just as protective of its dog friend, if not more so, as the dog is protective of IT.

Police have even been called in a few times after the baby monkey took aggressive swipes at anyone who even look at the dog the wrong way. And although authorities want to take the monkey and release it back into the wild, many locals say the monkey and the dog should not be separated.

And personally, I’d hate to be that officer who stuck his hand out to try to snatch the monkey from the dog. Might not get the hand back…. 

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