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Fifth-grade teacher wants her kids to be bridesmaids and groomsmen at her wedding.

Alexandra Stamps, a fifth-grade teacher, did not hesitate to invite her pupils to be her bridesmaids and groomsmen on her wedding day.

After nearly a year of dating, the Science and Technology Elementary School teacher from Wichita, Kansas, married fiancé Mason McDowell in July.

Mason, a third-grade teacher, also wished his pupils to be a part of their special day.

@alexandrastamps Announcing my engagement in front of my 5th graders 💍 #teachersoftiktok #engagement #5thgradesquad ♬ Wildest Dreams – Duomo

The couple not only invited their pupils to their wedding, but also requested them to be bridesmaids and groomsmen.

She adores them and considers them to be a part of her life. She wants them up there with her because they’re her biggest supporters, Alexandra expressed.

Alexandra videotaped the moment she asked her pupils and uploaded it to TikTok, where it soon went viral, garnering over 19 million views.

@alexandrastamps This was such a sweet & touching moment — several of us cried! 🤍 #teachersoftiktok #engagement #bridalparty #5thgradesquad ♬ Can't Help Falling In Love (From Crazy Rich Asians) [Single Version] – Kina Grannis

Alexandra opens the video by declaring that she is about to invite her pupils to her wedding.

The video then cuts to her in her classroom, telling her students that she has a pretty important thing to ask them.

Will they be her junior bridesmaids at her wedding, Khloe, Mary, Reagan, Angelina, Esmeralda, Lucy, Lily, Bella, Harley? She inquires, and the females say, “Yes!”

She then inquires will they be her junior groomsmen, Bryland, Max, Eric, Emilio, Kayden, Will, Conner, Jessie, Jose, and Sebastian? to which the lads promptly respond, “Yes!”

Alexandra stated that their pupils were overjoyed to be asked and that six or seven of them burst into tears.

They spend over forty hours a week with them, and they both genuinely adore their pupils, Alexandra explained why she and her husband asked their pupils.

@alexandrastamps Today was so fun at the Zoo with 8/9 of my 5th grade girls!! 🤍 Like for pt. 3 👀 #weddingtok #bacheloretteparty ♬ London's Song – Matt Hartke

She simply desires to share this wonderful moment of her life with them. She wants them to be a part of it because she is so proud of their hard work this year, and the fact that they’ve not only endured — yet flourished — in the epidemic, and seeing them grow as individuals this year, they deserve to be up there with her.

Alexandra stated that she initially consulted with the children’ parents to ensure that it was alright for them to participate before giving the ladies false pearl necklaces and the guys colored sunglasses. They all got rainbow-striped lollipops when she proposed to the pupils.

What a beautiful idea to recognize her pupils; I can only imagine how delighted this gathering of youngsters was.

By sharing this story, you can help us recognize this teaching couple’s kindness and wish them a lifetime of joy.

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