Fire-Fighter Assaulted 7-Year-Old Girl As His Wife Watched, Said They “Were Trying To Teach Her How To Have A Baby.”

A fire-fighter, Argelio Pupo, 32 and his wife Morgan Keene, 27 has been arrested as the couple forced a 7 year old girl into sexual acts.

The instance that took place in Kissimmee, Florida was reported to the authorities after the young girl informed a warden about being touched improperly by Argelio while Morgan viewed the incident. It was exposed that the girl was sexually assaulted by the fire-fighter. After the incident, the couple supposedly used a sewing kit to stitch up the injury that the young girl suffered.

In their confession, the couple said that they were trying to teach the girl how to have a baby.

It was reported that Morgan was in the bedroom while her husband sexually assaulted the girl. In the arrest report, the girl said that Morgan was present when this incident happened and helped in cleaning up the blood before eventually telling her to go shower and go to bed.

Investigators found out that the girl’s injury was sew up up after they went through messages sent by Morgan to another friend who works as an obstetrics nurse. The friend was made to trust that Morgan was asking questions to treat her own vaginal tear and she advised Morgan to visit a medic. However, Morgan told the friend that Argelio took care of the stitches.

Following the assault, the girl grew distressed and revealed in someone as she cried from below a table.

After the police got involved, Morgan told officers that she suffered physical and mental exploitation and wanted her fire-fighter husband out of the house. According to her claims, Morgan was left with a black eye and part vision loss after Argelio attacked her with an ice bag some months back.

When she was arrested, Morgan told the police that she was two weeks pregnant and also revealed that Argelio kicked her in the ribs when she told him about her pregnancy.  

In the police report, Morgan said that her husband has put her in emotional fear and distress of her life.

The couple was taken into police custody, leaving Argelio charged with capital sexual battery of a child under 12 and serious child abuse while Morgan faces charges of capital sexual battery of a child under 12 and negligence of child with great bodily injury.

After officers from the fire department found out about the charges against Argelio, they said that he has been dismissed of his position and is on administrative leave without salary and an organizational examination of his case and criminal charges is waiting. 

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