Firefighter Didn’t Expect This From The Little Girl.

“Kevan and his crew was called to an apartment fire that broke out rapidly. Firefighters had been called inside the building, searching for trapped children or adults.

“I was searching, searching, searching… you see a crib and you start thinking the worst because little kids will hide. Adults would try to get out. But kids, especially if they are separated from their parents. They get scared and might hide in a closet. You have to look everywhere.” Said Kevan.

After all residents have been accounted for, Kevan was given the all-clear. As he was resting, he saw a woman running towards the burned up apartment, holding her baby in her arms. “I was like cool – she’s safe. It’s all good and I can take a breather.”

Kevan volunteered to watch the toddler as her mother surveyed for anything salvageable. He chatted with the little girl, who seemed perfectly happy in spite of the huge fire.

Adorably, the child seemed to recognized the hard Kevan had worked that day and offered her water bottle.

The beautiful moment was captured and shared on Facebook: “Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.” 💕

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