Firefighter Marries The Woman He Saved.

Julia Sbardella of Somerset, England, was having just a normal day while cooking for her two young children. But, suddenly, her deep fryer sparked a blaze that was making its way throughout her kitchen. She called the fire department, got her children out of the house but tried desperately to quell the flames on her own.

Then, a firefighter appeared in her kitchen doorway, and it was as though Julia had been struck by something other than the immense heat and deadly flames flickering at her. He was a handsome guy, and Julia, exhausted by now from trying to put out the fire, fell right into his arms.

The firefighter, Rod Rodwell, carried Julia out of the house and to safety. Then he and his brigade worked together to extinguish the blaze. Julia was so relieved. But there was still another fire burning…. and it was in her heart.

She thanked all of the firefighters who came to her rescue, but one stood out among the rest… the one who entered her home and literally swept her off her feet.

Julia and Rod starting seeing each other after that, and their feelings for each other grew stronger and stronger. And then, they exchanged vows, promising to keep their love for each other growing with each new day and their fiery passion for each other to be the only flames that could not be put out. 

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