Firefighter Pays $1000 Electricity Bill For The Teenager Whose On A Ventilator To Keep Him Alive.

When a Michigan family’s electricity was shut off because of an overdue bill, it was more than just a little inconvenience.

The couple’s teenage son, Troy, has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and relies on an electric ventilator to keep him alive. His mom, Christy Stone, immediately called 911 and quickly explained the very bad situation.

They were like a lot of other families, who had been going through a lot of things and finding themselves behind on bills. But, UNLIKE other families, having electricity was the difference between life and death.

The couple’s electric bill was $1,023, and a very rattled Christy did not know what to do. But firefighter Ryan McCuen, who responded to the family’s emergency call, did. He paid their bill, and got a big hug from the family.

And although Ryan wanted to keep quiet about it, his chief shared the story. And that turned out to be a pretty good thing. Because now several Other strangers are helping the family out.

Now… isn’t that the way life should be? 

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