Firefighters Brings A Huge Smile On The Worried Mother And Her Disabled Son.

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About two weeks ago Westampton Township Emergency Services was dispatched to help a mother get her son out of their pool after the hoist they use broke from the concrete. The department responded and was able to help get him out of the pool without injury.

Mom was devastated as she told us how much her son loved to swim; that she had called around to have repairs done to the hoist, but no one could help her.

The shift of firefighter/EMT’s knew exactly who to call. Our own Firefighter Jeff DeAngelis went right over to the house to take pictures. Over the next week Jeff had a new base fabricated, figured out a way to make sure it wouldn’t break again, and installed it.

We would like to thank Jeff for his hard work and dedication to the residents of Westampton.

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