FL Woman Goes To Jail For Refusing To Leave Nonverbal Daughter’s Bedside At Hospital

A Florida woman was handcuffed and led out of her daughter’s hospital room. Lynn Savage did not want her nonverbal child to be left alone. She refused to leave her adult daughter’s bedside, breaking COVID guidelines in the process.

Following the event, the mother came out. Even though she had to spend the night in jail, she stated she has no concerns.

Lynn’s daughter was undergoing brain surgery following a stroke. Lynn claims that she needed to be there not only to encourage her child, but also to work as her translator.

After visiting hours, the 70-year-old was told to leave the hospital. However, when she refused to leave Amber’s side, medical personnel would not relent.

“I couldn’t leave her bedside in good conscience, in good heart, not understanding how she would make it through the night freely,” Lynn added.

She went on, “I am very confident in my conduct. I’m not sorry I made them tie me and drag me out of there.”

Lynn not only spent the night in jail, but she was also charged with trespassing. That accusation, though, was eventually withdrawn.

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