Flo Rida refuses to meet his disabled 19-month-old son, boy’s mother claims

The mother of Flo Rida’s kid has stated that the rapper refuses to meet his toddler, who has a rare brain disease, and has referred to him as an “evil ***king child.”

Alexis Adams, 34, said in an interview that the pop singer originally rejected that 19-month-old Zohar Paxton was his son and turned his back on him when she took him to a medical clinic for a paternity test.

A DNA test confirmed that Flo Rida, actual name Tramar Lacel Dillard, was the child’s father with a 99.9% certainty.

Alexis explained that Flo Rida only saw his son once during the paternity test, but he had his shades on and his back turned. They shared the same space. He made no attempt to embrace Zohar. It was really freezing.

Although the rapper covers his son’s medical insurance and pays an unknown sum of child support each month, Alexis’ legal struggle with Flo Rida is still ongoing, according to her attorney, because she doesn’t feel the support is enough for a special needs child.

Zohar suffers from hydrocephalus, a neurological disorder characterized by an abnormal buildup of cerebrospinal fluid within cavities in the brain.

Although symptoms vary, they might include a baby’s head swelling abnormally, nausea, vomiting, headache, and eyesight issues. Zohar has had countless doctor’s appointments, tests, and ultrasounds for the incurable disease since birth.

He had brain surgery last month, but there was no visit or phone contact from his father, according to Alexis.

She expressed that even after Zohar’s surgery, he hasn’t reached out to see whether he’s all right. She finds that unusual considering Flo Rida is often interested in children’s causes. It’s heartbreaking to be a single parent going to a lot of doctor’s visits and not knowing what else your baby could require.

Alexis first met the Grammy-nominated performer, who is said to be worth $30 million, in 2015 on the West Coast but refused to reveal the facts of their gathering.

She remembered at first, they were just pals. He traveled a lot, and when she was on the West Coast, he was on the East Coast. They were becoming acquainted. That was how their relationship started.

At the end of the year, they got romantically involved. They were just dating; it wasn’t exclusive at the time, but they did have personal moments. It continued until she found out she was pregnant in 2016.

The Florida-born rapper, 38, who has collaborated with Lady Gaga, Kesha, and DJ Khaled, among others, was not pleased to learn that Alexis was anticipating a kid.

According to Alexis, the relationship swiftly deteriorated after Flo Rida placed pressure on her to seek an abortion and communicated horrible remarks about her unborn kid.

She explained it took her by surprise. She was pregnant and hormonal, so she was pleased one minute and unhappy the next. One desires support. When you’re pregnant and someone acts like that, you don’t know what to think. He referred to their child as ‘an evil f***ing child.’ Those were his exact words, she said.

Alexis, who currently resides in her old neighborhood of New York, asserts that she and Flo Rida just talked a couple of times from the get-go in her pregnancy and afterward she lost contact with him.

Alexis, who now resides in her birthplace of New York, claimed she only communicated with Flo Rida a few times throughout her pregnancy and subsequently lost contact with him.

She stated they communicated briefly throughout my second trimester and then lost contact. That’s why she ultimately hired an attorney and handed over control to them.She got an attorney because of his poor communication and rudeness.

Alexis also realized she was pregnant with a high-risk pregnancy around this time.

She was in my second trimester when she observed the doctor viewing the ultrasound in an unusual way. They discovered the infant had water on his brain and diagnosed him with hydrocephalus.

Her last months of pregnancy were characterized as exceedingly difficult. Alexis explained it’s not like a normal pregnancy when you’re high-risk. Every two weeks, they check you, do a comprehensive exam on the baby, and then you talk to counselors.

They tell you everything that may go wrong – he can need surgery as soon as you give birth, a helmet, a shunt. You’ll never know till the baby is born.

Alexis attended the majority of the visits alone, and she became increasingly alienated as she battled to clarify her baby’s father’s absence to family and friends.

Alexis had wished to give birth alone, but her mother and aunts persisted in accompanying her.

She was only interacting with Flo Rida through attorneys at the time she gave birth, and there was no indication that he would be in the delivery room.

Alexis fell down as she described her and her son’s life-threatening incident.

Before Zohar’s birth in September 2016, no child support agreement had been struck with Flo Rida.

Alexis’ attorneys instructed her to notify the rapper of the birth of his kid through text message.

She remarked that he didn’t answer. Flo Rida was aware of how dangerous her pregnancy was, and he is well aware of Zohar’s condition. He doesn’t want to be involved.

Alexis further alleges that none of Flo Rida’s seven sisters have attempted to create a relationship with their nephew.

During Zohar’s challenging early months, Alexis was forced into a court struggle with the rapper to get child support and health insurance coverage.

Alexis stated that she wanted a paternity test since the rapper refused to recognize his son’s existence.

Last April, the Jasmine Brand received a copy of the results proving Flo Rida was the baby’s father.

Alexis had no clue how Flo Rida reacted to the news that he was a father because he was notified through his attorneys and has yet to approach her.

Zohar depended on government programs for his healthcare requirements in his early months because his dad did not offer coverage.

As per Adams’ attorney, Brian Robinson, Flo Rida started paying child support for his kid in March 2017 – but the amounts were decided by the rapper and were significantly less than the subsequent provisional amount imposed by the judge.

According to the lawyer, the money did not arrive on a regular basis. Since March 2017, Flo Rida has been covering Zohar’s medical expenses.

In April 2017, Alexis sued the multimillionaire musician for child support and medical coverage. She and her attorney both declined to reveal the money sums they were seeking.

According to her attorney, the lawsuit is still pending, but the rapper is making monthly interim support payments, including healthcare expenses.

According to a source in Flo Rida’s camp, he was ‘surprised’ to be brought to court and that the parents had already agreed on the sum, which Alexis disagrees.

The worst aspect of the scenario, according to Alexis, is that the rapper is missing out.

Zohar is an extremely kind person; he kisses and hugs everyone.  People note how joyful he is and how engaging he is with them when they meet him.

He’s two, he doesn’t know his father, and his father doesn’t know him.  People continue to wonder if Flo Rida is aware that he is his son since he has not acknowledged him.

Alexis stated that Flo Rida is not the only child that has an absent father.

Natasha Georgette Williams, a model, sued the rapper for child support in 2013 after a DNA test revealed that he was her son’s father 99.99 percent of the time. Flo Rida, she claimed, also offered to pay for her abortion.

‘Clearly, Zohar is not the only one, and there are many things I can’t mention, but I’m confident the truth will emerge,’ Alexis stated.

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