Florida’s Identical Twins Devoted To Christian Faith Turned 100, Shared Tips On Longevity.

Norma Matthews and Edith Antoncecchi, twin sisters, were born on December 23, 1921, in Revere, Massachusetts, to Italian immigrants.

All was going great in the twins’ lives until their parents divorced. The daughters were only 13 years old when their dad abandoned their mom for another woman, and word of their divorce spread like wildfire.

To make ends meet when their dad left them, the twins’ mother started working in a shoe factory. Meanwhile, other students at their school learnt about their parents’ divorce and regarded them as outsiders.

The separation was viewed as a scandal, and the twins’ classmates started to distance themselves from them. Rather than crying, the girls became one other’s strength.

Despite their opposing dispositions, Norma and Edith seemed to enjoy one other’s company the most. Norma enjoyed fashion and was an artistic youngster, whilst her sister preferred plain clothing and was a talented pianist.

When other youngsters chose not to play with them, the sisters became great friends. They had fun dressing up in similar clothing and deceiving their teachers by sitting in each other’s classrooms. When they wore the same clothes, it was difficult to tell them apart.

In addition to exchanging secrets and even arguing, the sisters assisted their mom in caring for their younger brother, John.

Their mom soon married another guy, and the sisters remembered their boyfriends having to obtain his permission before bringing them out on dates.

After they graduated from high school, their lives started to change. Edith wanted to be a nurse, whereas Norma wanted to be a hairdresser. For the first time, the sisters moved in opposite ways at that moment.

The young girls quickly fell in love with the males they wished to marry. Norma married Charles Matthews in February 1943, while Edith married Leo Antoncecchi in May of the same year.

When the sisters married, it indicated they would have to live apart for the rest of their lives. They believed it was crucial that they always lived as near to each other as they could, Norma stated.

The sisters lived in the Boston region for the following five decades, hoping to live close to each other. When it came time for a family reunion, they didn’t have to travel large distances.

Despite living in different residences, the twins said they were linked by feelings. If Norma became ill, Edith would notice something was amiss and quickly contact her sister. Norma remembered that Edy was always available to her, and she was always available to her.

After marrying the same year, Norma and Edith had their first child the following year. They eventually became devoted moms to several children. Edith had 2 kids, whereas Norma had three.

The twin moms experienced comparable grief. Norma’s world was turned upside down when she lost her two-year-old baby daughter, and Edith felt similarly when one of her sons died a few years ago.

Norma and Edith became widows months apart in 1994, after Charles died of Alzheimer’s illness and Leo died in a vehicle accident. These occurrences crushed the sisters.

In this trying time in their lives, the twins, like always, had each other’s back. To make themselves feel better, they packed their possessions and went to Florida the next year, where they still live in a mobile home.

The twins got more devout once they began living together and began attending church on a regular basis. They also liked cooking and would request that their pals drop them off at the grocery shop.

The twins also revealed their longevity secret, which includes no drinking, no smoking, and leading a clean life. They thought that their Christian religion enabled them to live a meaningful life in which they held no grudges towards anyone.

There’s only up or down, so forgive people and maintain clean for one’s sake, Norma suggested, explaining that she and her sister lived by this philosophy.

The lovely ladies celebrated their 100th birthday with their loved ones in December 2021. About 50 of their relatives met in Norma and Edith’s favorite Italian restaurant to sing the birthday song as the women cut their cakes.

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Posted by Lori Giberti on Thursday, 23 December 2021

After a century together, the sisters believed they couldn’t have done it without each other’s help. They also think that they will depart this world together as being alone was something that none of the sisters had ever envisioned.

The story of Norma and Edith is very remarkable. We hope the twin sisters continue to inspire everyone around them as they celebrate many birthdays together. Share this tale with your loved ones to brighten their day.

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