Footage shows killer foster mother ‘shushing’ baby before she murdered him

It was revealed today that a mom who thrashed a young boy to death videotaped herself drawing faces while the infant lay screaming in a hospital bed.

Laura Castle, 38, is shown in a new video making weird facial gestures in a hospital. Castle was found guilty last week of killing 13-month-old Leiland-James Corkill after a court heard she ‘leathered’ the infant, who died from head wounds.

In other footage, Leiland-James can be seen sobbing hysterically while Castle tries to ‘shush’ him. In a further clip, she wipes his tears away as he sits in a baby bouncer.

In August 2020, the baby was placed in the care of Castle and her husband, Scott, 35. Five months later, on January 6, 2021, paramedics arrived at the couple’s house in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, and discovered the baby lifeless and floppy.

Leiland-James died the next day when physicians discovered that his heart wasn’t beating and that he suffered a head wound from falling from a sofa, according to Laura Castle.

However, the court heard how, as her narrative started to unravel, she looked online for what may create a bleed on the brain while the baby lay in hospital.

A post-mortem examination later established that he had sustained a serious head injury that was not accidental. During her trial at Preston Crown Court, the foster mother confessed to manslaughter after confessing to shaking the infant to get him to stop crying.

Text messages between Laura Castle and her hubby, however, indicated that she described Leiland-James as a “proper n*bhead,” a “d**k,” and a “s**t bag.” In the texts, she also confessed to ‘smacking’ the toddler.

She said in a text that, she honestly truly doesn’t like him recently, he’s an utter complaining winged bag and she absolutely regrets doing this. She is going to go insane. He simply p***s her off all the time, and he can never have a decent day or night.

However, she needs to stop hitting him because if she begins, she’ll never stop, and it’s not getting them anywhere, and then she feels horrible.

The court also heard that a social worker had expressed worries about the foster mother after she referred to the infant as “lazy” and “large.” Following that, officials informed the couple that they would not approve permanently placing Leiland-James with them unless they engaged in therapeutic work.

However, the court heard that the couple rather proceeded with the adoption process. On September 25, 2020, the pair exchanged further messages, with Laura telling her husband that she had ‘leathered’ Leiland-James again because she was at her ‘wits end.’ She continued that she is simply an abusive mom, it appears.

Laura Castle was eventually discovered guilty of killing Leiland-James by a jury, and her punishment would be determined by a judge at a later date, while Scott Castle was cleared.

Following the verdict, Joanne Close, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS North, described the former foster mother as “self-centered, aggressive, and violent.”

She explained that his biological mother hoped he would be protected and have a happy life. For eight months, his foster parents cared for and cherished him; they praised him as a gorgeous little kid with the most infectious giggle.

‘However, his life was tragically ended by Laura Castle’s conduct; she was self-centered, aggressive, and violent, and unqualified to provide a home for this helpless baby.’

‘The Crown Prosecution Service collaborated closely with Cumbria Police to develop the strongest case possible to obtain justice for Leiland-James.’

‘At the commencement of the trial, Laura Castle was forced to acknowledge that she was responsible for his murder. The jurors had enough proof to convict her of his death. I hope today’s conviction brings some solace to those who adored Leiland-James. I’m thinking of them.’

Rest in peace little angel.

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