Bullied For Her Size, This Beautiful Dancer Is An Inspiration.

With each fouette, this harassed dancer confronts her detractors (ballet turn). Lizzy Howell is a really gifted little dancer. Lizzy had numerous days when she wanted to quit since she was bullied because of her size. She faced internet shame after a video of her dancing went viral, yet she still discovered that she was an inspiration to others who didn’t match the stereotypes for their interests, like dance.

This tormented adolescent is taking a stand months after becoming a viral hit. Lizzy is more than her physical type; she has great skill, and she is now being recognised for more than her size.

Jordan Matter, a well-known dance photographer, brings Lizzy to the famed dancewear store Capezio in New York. Matter, well known for his YouTube “10 Minute Challenge” tales, held an online challenge to be a part of his upcoming picture series “Dancers Among Us.” Lizzy applied, and her moving narrative was easily picked for inclusion in the series.

Lizzy’s mom died when she was just five years old, causing her to acquire weight. Linda Grabowski, her aunt and guardian, took her in and she began dancing classes. Lizzy’s weight made her the target of a lot of sarcasm from her peers. Grabowski explained that dance is her source for all of her feelings, both great and terrible. She persisted. She wanted to leave several times.

Presently, Lizzy understands the value of striving for your passion and not letting detractors dictate your life path. She has been a motivation to many people who do not fit the usual “mold” for their interests. She expressed that she believes that social media may sometimes present a rosy picture in people’s thoughts.

She used to believe that the lifestyles of celebrities were all blissful. It’s important to remember that those who abuse you from behind a screen would never say anything to you directly. If you’re informed you should stop doing something you enjoy, don’t! It’s just one individual’s view, and if they can’t understand how blissful it makes you, their view is meaningless. Yours is the only one that matters.

Watch this emotional video and share this story to spread awareness that size does not matter and treat each one big or small with respect.

Lots of flag posts today (including mine on Instagram), but for me Lizzie Howell represents the complex and inspiring spirit of America! Follow me on YouTube for videos twice a week: And pre-order my new book, Born To Dance: Video by Sandy Chase!

Posted by Jordan Matter Photography on Wednesday, 4 July 2018

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