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For the sake of his precious daughter, Jeff Bridges relearned how to stand for more than 45 seconds.

Jeff Bridges said in May 2022 that he’d spent nearly five months in a hospital while his health problems were at their worst. He explained how chemotherapy left him with no means of safeguarding his body.

The actor described how the surgery depleted one’s immune system, leaving them unable to fight cancer. Jeff saw that the COVID-19 epidemic was dwarfed by his cancer.

The actor said that he couldn’t move over in bed without contacting a nurse for help with his oxygen. He confessed that he was on the verge of death, yet his physicians urged him to fight since he was in “surrender mode.”

Jeff stated that he was ready to die and was dancing with death. In November 2022, the actor mentioned his daughter’s wedding, images of which were published in Brides magazine in July 2022, which took place in August 2021.

As guests watched on, Jeff was seen leading his daughter, Hayley, to the altar. The celebrity was seen smiling throughout, and he offered a toast at the reception, but he’s now confessed that he worked hard to make that occasion happen.

The actor from “The Big Lebowski” stated he rehearsed walking down the hospital corridor while his oxygen was still linked. He added that his first aim was to see how long he could stand, and that his record was 45 seconds.

Jeff then concentrated on the number of steps he could take. As he worked with a trainer each day, his walks became longer, and one day he thought he might walk by his daughter, declaring that it turns out he got to do the wedding dance as well as walk her down the aisle.

Jeff gave Zach Wermers, his physical therapist, a particular mention in an interview in 2022 for helping him achieve his two key goals. Hayley’s dad had hoped to be able to escort her down the aisle and dance with her without using oxygen.

The actor claimed he practiced with Wermers and worked tirelessly to make his dreams come true on his daughter and her husband’s wedding day. Fortunately for Jeff, he also had somebody close by who stood at his side during his struggles.

Jeff was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2020; the following year, he stated that his tumor had reduced dramatically. He described how, while undergoing chemotherapy, he caught COVID-19, and how, with a compromised immune system, the virus became rather severe.

The actor says he was unwell for around two years and that the whole thing felt “dreamlike.” Jeff explained that the best part of being unwell was receiving love from his friends, family, and individuals all across the world.

The “True Grit” star relished the sensation, describing it as “hyper-precious at the time.” When Jeff recovered, he went back to work, and his hospital stay seemed like a fever dream.

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