Four Little Girls Who Beat Cancer Together Reunite For Another Photo At The Same Hospital.

Diagnosing cancer is one of the most frightening experiences a person suffers. Here in this story four little girls who had to experience this painful disease fought back and had a happy emotional ending. Do read this heartwarming story.

Two years ago, Ava, Chloe, Mckinley and Lauren first met together for a photoshoot in Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St.Petersburg. These little angels overcomed cancer and were thrilled to be reunited and healthier from the time they parted ways. This beautiful moment of them being healthy and happy had tears in their parents eyes.

Shawna Glynn, Lauren’s mother in her words, “This is our third year. They have just come so far, all of them.”

The last time they got together was in the same lobby though they had their charming smiles but their hair showed the difficult nature of the treatment they underwent.

Alyssa Luciano, Ava’s mom, expressed that the first time they met they were all on active treatments and it was incredible to see how strong and brave their bald little girls were.

The little girls Ava, Lauren and McKinley suffered with acute lymphoblastic leukemia while Chole suffered with an unusual form of lung cancer. The little angels bonded and found comfort and peace in each other’s company in spite of being sick with cancer and far from home.

Shawna explained her daughter was 3 and was bald but in the hospital all her friends looked the same so it gave her a sense of normality.

Kareen Morre, McKinley’s mother, revealed that seeing similar faces meant that she wasn’t alone, which gave them a sense of relief. It not only gave comfort to kids but parents found peace and comfort with other parents whose children were facing this dreadful disease.

This reunion was not only a get together for Lauren but also celebrated the end of her battle with the disease. Lauren was only left to beat cancer and now all four super-girls can breathe freely. This is not the end here. They have decided to meet each year and take more pictures of them and recall the great happiness of winning the battle against cancer together.

May God bless these precious girls and please share this special moment of these little survivors. 

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