Gender Reveal Party Turns Sour After In-Laws Claim Their Son Has More Rights To Name The Baby “Since He Is The Real Dad”

People nowadays hold a gender reveal party to celebrate the baby’s gender. However, things didn’t go as planned at the gender reveal party in this story. It turns out that the in-law insisted on naming the kid and was upset to learn that the couple had already done so. What happened next was an ugly argument that shattered the mood and separated the family. Read the story and let us know what do you think about this situation.

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My husband (34M) and I (32M) have been married for over five years, we have a beautiful daughter (3) who we adopted two years ago and means the world to us, we decided this past year to start a journey via surrogacy, since I have a low sperm count, it is my husband’s sperm and an egg donor (a friend of ours).

Our surrogate is seven months pregnant and we threw a gender reveal party, unfortunately, our surrogate couldn’t be with us because she lives in Canada but via Zoom.

The party gathered close friends and immediate family; my in-laws were there. It turned out to be a boy and my in-laws suggested that we picked names right there, I’ve already chosen one but as I didn’t want to destroy their happiness, I let them suggest names to see if they come out with the name, I’ve already chosen but didn’t and instead suggested names that I don’t like, they only suggested to name our baby after their fathers, it was something like Peter Jeremiah, I have nothing against people named like that but I don’t really like for my child.

I told them that we’d think about it, but they insisted on picking one, after insisting so much I told them that I’ve already picked one, then MIL said “Well, it doesn’t matter, my son has the last say” I said “Sorry?” then FIL replied: “yeah, my son has more rights to name the baby since he is the REAL dad”.

I was furious and my husband was petrified so I (didn’t let them explain what they said) grabbed their arms and kicked them out, my husband got back to reality and said “They are my parents and this wasn’t the way” and as you can guess I ruined the party, everyone left and after that, my husband apologised for what his parents did.

Today morning MIL called my husband and stated that she was so disappointed about my behaviour and that I hurt her by what I did, SIL says I was far disrespectful and overreacted since I didn’t give them time to explain themselves.

So am I a Jerk? Did I overreact? Please don’t be afraid to criticize. Thank you for your time in advance. Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted: 

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