Genius Sisters Expose Cheating Wife To Husband.

Two sisters appearing a baseball game in the US have uncovered a seemingly cheating wife to her husband after seeing her send indecent texts to another man.

The sisters, Delana and Brynn Hynson were sitting behind the couple at the game and saw the wife supposedly sending indecent messages to a man saved in her phone as ‘Nancy’.

They snapped pictures of the texts over the woman’s shoulder and wrote a note to her husband. The pictures, which Brynn shared to Twitter, show the woman sending what seem to be sexual messages to a man called Mark Allen.

In a note to the husband, the sisters told him what they’d seen. They wrote that “your wife is cheating on you” and “look at the messages under Nancy! It’s really a man name”. The sisters asked him to contact them for pictures of the instance if he wanted them and also provided their contact number.

Brynn said on Twitter that once they gave him the paper the man turned around and passed them the thumbs up. He later messaged requesting copies of the photos.

The sisters came under fire on social media from people claiming the pictures were from the past or bogus. They later posted a short video showing them writing the message on a pamphlet from Atlanta Braves game.

Do you think the sisters did the right thing?

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