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George Clooney’s Wife Talks How Their Twins Love ‘Papa’ – Becoming A Dad At 56 Was Emotional For Him.

George Clooney, star of “Ocean’s Eleven,” recently celebrated his eighth wedding anniversary with his wife, Amal Clooney. The pair has been dating since roughly 2013, and they married in 2014.

The two are quite content together, and they expressed their gratitude for having made it this far and being able to share their lives with their two adorable twin kids. Their children appear to be growing up swiftly, even acquiring languages that they do not understand.

Amal and her husband have stated that they consider themselves “fortunate” to have been together for so long and that they thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. They’re also enjoying parenting their two children, who call their father “Papa.”

The pair attended the Kennedy Center Honors on Tuesday, December 6. They were ecstatic to be there with George’s parents, albeit they would only bring the children when they were older. They also claimed that the two small children are looking forward to Christmas and that the family will spend the holiday together.

George and Amal never intended to have kids when they married. They acknowledged that they never contemplated or discussed the option until after they married. The two only brought it up afterwards.

The couple had their twins in 2017, despite not knowing what they were putting themselves into at the time. When they discovered it, they were at the doctor’s office, receiving the findings of an ultrasound, according to the “Burn After Reading” actor.

They went to a doctor in London, and everything appeared to be fine at first. When they received the findings, the doctor showed them the first baby they were expecting. The actor was taken aback when he showed them the second.

Having said that, he adjusted fast and adapted well to his new job when they were born. He even stated that he is a really excellent diaper person. Having kids at the age of 56, though, forced him to change his outlook.

The actor and his wife have also stated that they want their kid’s lives to be as private as possible. They don’t let reporters see the two very often, and they don’t take them to public events.

He felt on top of the world after bearing kids. George cherishes his family, and he claims that “every single day” with his kids and Amal, whom he feels he was “intended to be with,” is a blessing.

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