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George Strait ‘eloped’ with his ‘really hot’ wife 50 years ago – they ‘still like each other’ today

Country legend George Strait does not need any introduction. Though his professional life has constantly been successful, he also claims a very fruitful private life as well.

George is been married for over 5 decades to Norma Strait. Their love tale is amazing as it almost did not happen. They did not ponder each other as possible romantic interests even still they belong to the same town.

George met Norma when he was 19 and she was 17. He found Norma charming and they fell in love. 50 years ago on December 4, 1971, the pair had eloped to Mexico to get married.

It was a perfect married life for the couple as they greeted their daughter Jenifer 10-months after their wedding in October 1972 and then after a break of 9 years, greeted their lad George “Bubba” Strait, Jr.

Regrettably, George’s life was about to transform radically. His daughter, who was 13 at the time encountered with a disastrous car accident. She was not wearing a seat belt and was the lone casualty in the heart-breaking accident. Jenifer died on June 25, 1986 in Texas and the accident left a massive hole in the family.

George has since then shared that he used his song as a way to handle and mourn for his daughter. He said that his song “You’ll Be There” is about his adored daughter.

After George lost his daughter, he became isolated. He said that he no longer desired to do meetings and while he understood this might cost him his profession, he did not bother.

As for Norma after the demise of her daughter, George said that they leaned on one another even further. Their association with each other grew sturdier as they fought their sorrow. George has been recognized to go on record numerous times, praising Norma for her rock-solid support through his good and bad days.

In 2021, the pair celebrated their 50th marriage anniversary and George made sure to openly entertain his wife. He said that they love each other a lot and they still like each other.

George talks about his conviction a lot, trusting his belief to being the cause he is constantly grounded and modest. He has the capability to distinct his on stage and off-stage identities.

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