Georgia man accused of leaving grandmother in freezer to die

According to police, a guy in northwest Georgia murdered his grandma by shoving her in a freezer while she was still alive. Doris Cumming, 82, was discovered dead late Thursday in the Armuchee house she lived with her grandson, 29-year-old Robert Keith Tincher III. Tincher was accused of killing, extreme violence, and hiding someone else’s demise. He is still imprisoned in Rome. It’s unknown whether he has a lawyer who can speak on his behalf.

According to police, Cumming’s family thought she had gone out of state, but after not hearing from her, they became worried and reported her missing. Police suspect Cumming was hurt in a tumble in December and that Tincher carried her around her home instead of obtaining her medical treatment.

According to the criminal accusations, Tincher “heard and witnessed multiple bones crack.” He then covered her in plastic bags and put her in a huge freezer, according to the accusations, and “recognised her back broke going into the freezer.”

According to the charges, there was “no confrontation or incitement” before the conduct. “From what we learned, he felt she was still alive and moving at the time she was going into the freezer,” Floyd County Investigator Brittany Werner stated.

Tincher lived in the house for months with the body inside the freezer, but relocated it to a storage unit in March, afraid Cumming’s body would be discovered. Werner said Tincher informed the police he didn’t contact 911 since he was sought for questioning in connection with terroristic threats made against his wife in 2018.

Tincher also expressed his affection for his grandma to investigators. Werner added that he claimed she was the only family member who showed him the decency, affection, and care he required. Cumming’s death is being investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is performing an autopsy to ascertain the cause and time of death. 

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