Girl, 16, Beats Father To Death After He Repeatedly Hit Her Mother

A 16-year-old, from Bhopal, India, apparently attacked and killed her father as she could not tolerate to saw her mom being cruelly tortured by him. She allegedly beaten her father 45-year-old father to death with a bat that is made to wash clothes and a stick with iron rings in October 2020.

The teen then surrendered herself to the cops. As per the reports, the girl’s father was without a job and was living off of the incomes of his oldest lad. The fight transpired around 6:30 p.m. when the household was having a conversation about the nuptial of the oldest child. The family was by now exhausted due to the man’s frequent ferocity in a drunk state. Thus, when he initiated a fight with his spouse that day, his teenage daughter decided to bring his ferocities to an end for ever.

When authorities questioned the girl, she exposed that her father used to function as a daily wage labourer and would come home in a drunk state, exploit and attack her mother nearly every day.

The girl said that her neighbours used to make fun of them and their family dispute. Naturally, the young girl was enormously distressed with her father’s outbreaks against her mother and she lost her cool on that day.

As per the cops, the girl was distressed over the physical agony her mom was exposed to by her father. While detailing the events of the day incident took place, cops said that the man came back home and underway ill-treating his spouse. The Police further said that the girl couldn’t regulate her fury and confronted him with an iron stick and continued to hit her dad on his skull. The man passes away on the spot. Neighbours then informed the cops but the girl herself submitted before the police.

Police also called the deceased’s wife for a report and she shared an alike story. After the incident, the girl was taken to the Child Welfare Committee, where she was requested to undertake psychotherapy as she was still in a state of shock.

As per the authorities, the girl would appear before the juvenile panel once her therapy sittings were complete.

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