Girl, 4, dies ‘after gran gave her half a bottle of WHISKEY while mom watched’

On Friday, a mother and grandmother in Louisiana were accused of homicide after forcing a four-year-old girl to drink half a bottle of whiskey as punishment for taking a sip.

Roxanne Record, 53, and her daughter Kadjah Record, 28, were both booked into the East Baton Rouge parish prison after Kadjah’s daughter China died of intense liquor poisoning. When she died, the little child had a blood liquor level of.068, which was more than eight times the lawful cutoff for individuals over the age of 21 to drive.

On Thursday morning, police were called to a home in Baton Rouge’s Windsor Place neighborhood after receiving reports of an unresponsive kid. When they arrived at the house on Wallis Street and Harco Drive, China’s siblings informed them that the grandmother was upset since the little girl had taken a sip of the Canadian Mist whiskey that had been left on the counter.

The kid was told to kneel on the floor and finish the remaining half of the bottle as punishment. Kadjah Record stood by as her child was coerced into drinking the alcohol, which resulted in a blood liquor level of .680. Drivers in Louisiana are considered legally drunk if their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is .08 or higher.

Roxanne Record told police at the scene that “she messed up” and “wanted to take full responsibility” for the child’s death. According to reports, the grandmother also stated that ‘this went too far.’ She also stated that she had totally destroyed everybody’s lives.

Rest in peace little angel.

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