Girl, 4, Dies In Horrific Bouncy Castle Accident While Staff Were On Their Phones.

A four-year-old girl died of asphyxia while playing in a bouncy castle after three staff members who were supposed to be overseeing her were distracted by their iPhones.

Last weekend, an awful event happened at an amusement park in Mykolaiv, Ukraine’s southernmost city.

After Valeria’s mother, Anna, asked the bouncy castle staff to check on her because she hadn’t heard her daughter’s giggling in a while, they found Valeria tangled up in the structure’s ropes.

At first, Anna [the girl’s mother] assumed Valeria had passed out while playing in the heat and attempted to wake her up, said Natalia Kuchynska, a family acquaintance.

According to Mrs. Kuchynska, a male witness contacted an ambulance as other park visitors were spraying water on the girl and doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions.

There were no medical aides on-site offering first aid. Someone brought dentists from a neighboring clinic, Mrs. Kuchynska added.

They inspected the infant, attempted to wake her up with ammonia, and flashed a light into her eyes. Valeria was declared dead when the ambulance came.

Anna and Valeria were ready to leave when the child urged her mother to play for three more minutes. According to accounts, the mom consented and waited for her daughter in the parents’ zone in an area where she could not see the youngster.

Police discovered that three staff members who were meant to care for the youngster while she was in the bouncy castle were preoccupied by their mobile phones at the time of the disaster.

The helpers left the scene after Valeria was discovered, Mrs Kuchynska said.

On Wednesday, the girl’s funeral was held.

Anna is distraught by the loss. The funeral day was quite traumatic, a family friend recalled.

It was preliminarily confirmed that a four-year-old child became caught in the loops on the wall of a bouncy castle while playing on it, said Sergiy Shaikhet, the head of police for Mykolaiv Oblast area. According to early expert results, the infant died as a consequence of suffocation.

The proprietor of the bouncy castle, 45, had been arrested. If proven guilty, she may face up to eight years in jail. The probe is still underway.

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