Girl Asked For A Kidney For Her Big Brother From Santa.

The letter to Santa was written in purple and green crayon. It was from a young girl named Kaitlyn, and all she wanted for Christmas was a new kidney for her big brother. The letter was dropped off in a special Santa mailbox at a Lowe’s Home Improvement store in Franklin, North Carolina.

The letter read: ‘Dear Santa, Some may not believe in you. But I do. One thing I really want for Christmas is my big brother to get a kidney transplant. PLEASE.’

Store workers are trying to track down that little girl to give her and her family some support. Store officials even posted the letter on Facebook in hopes of locating the girl and her family. Following Kaitlyn’s name were the letters FL, which leads many to believe she and her family were visiting from Florida. Because of the post, hundreds of people are willing to get tested to see if they are a match for Kaitlyn’s brother.

Says store manager Shelly Thomas: ‘We haven’t been able to reach the folks but what I really hope is that we find them, give them support, and let them know someone cares. So many people have said they’re willing to get tested and if we can get even one more person registered [to be an organ donor], it’s all worth it.’

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