Girl Hits Male Classmate — Now Her Mom Is Threatening To Press Charges.

Regardless of how skillfully a school is administered, cramming dozens of youngsters into a classroom will always lead to conflict. Of all things, this is precisely why instructors are taught to address difficulties among pupils, particularly physical contact.

A mother got a phone call from the school informing her that her 15-year-old daughter had attacked another student, causing injuries. But after heading to the principal’s office to punish her kid, she realized that the scenario had not unfolded exactly as she had been informed.

During a particularly busy shift at the hospital, a nurse was informed that her child’s school had called and demanded that she react to a “incident” concerning her daughter. Despite the fact that she couldn’t leave the hospital to answer the call, the school administrator was enraged at having to wait for her to react.

The mom raced to the principal’s office at the request of the school to meet her daughter, her daughter’s teacher, counselor, principal, and the boy with his parents. Just as the administrator had predicted, her daughter had beaten the youngster, leaving his face red and his nose bleeding.

The principal revealed the purpose of the meeting after realizing her justification for being late was valid. The 6-foot-tall, 160-pound boy allegedly repeatedly snapped her 5-foot-tall, 84-pound daughter’s bra strap so forcefully that it came undone, forcing the girl to punch him twice in the face.

Rather than holding the kid responsible for how he treated the girl, everyone in the room criticized her daughter. The mother then had the ideal answer to their brazen disrespect for the first mistreatment that prompted her daughter to stand up for herself.

Clearly surprised by her answer, the room rapidly filled with people seeking to shift responsibility from the boy to her daughter. The boy’s mother then started weeping, presumably realizing the gravity of the scenario.

Ignoring their stumbling, the mother pressed her daughter for an explanation. The youngster not only corroborated her teacher’s version of the occurrence, but also revealed his troubling treatment of it.

Furious, the mother confronted her daughter’s teacher and asked for a justification for permitting the assault to continue. She then wonderfully provided an example of comparable sexual wrongdoing, placing the irresponsible educator in context.

To defuse the situation, the principal assigned blame to the girl and pointed out to the mother that her daughter “still beat another child,” to which she answered, “No, she protected herself against a sexual attack.” At this point, both the instructor and the boy’s parents were embarrassed and apologetic, as if they had suddenly realized the gravity of the boy’s acts.

The mother informed the principal that she would be leaving with her daughter after expressing her point. She maintained that her kid had done nothing wrong, and she said she would notify the school board about the event. She sent a clear message to the boy who touched her daughter.

The school’s handling of the issue outraged the board, and the woman’s daughter was relocated to a separate class away from the instructor and the pupil. The youngster is prospering as a result of this mom bear’s astute reaction, and the school has learned not to punish victimized pupils for protecting themselves in the future.

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