Girl Informs Sister Where Her Husband Really Was With Photo Evidence. Am I Wrong.

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My f25 dad passed away days ago. My sister’s husband M31 said he couldn’t be present for the funeral because he had to go on a business trip out of town which made my sister more devastated. She’s got so much on her plate, pregnancy; my nephew and now dad’s death. BIL is a grade A workaholic and it’s affected his social life but he refuses to admit it.

The day of the funeral. My boyfriend was the one driving us. We drove past my BIL’s workplace at 8 pm and saw his car in the parking lot. I couldn’t believe it. I know his car will since he used to drive me to school with it sometimes. I took a picture of it and sent it to my sister. My sister was losing it so my boyfriend suggested we bail. He dropped me off at my friend’s house and later I found out that my sister found that her husband was in town the entire time but lied so he didn’t have to skip work for the funeral.

There was a huge blow up and he called me yelling saying I had no business “stalking” him at his workplace and taking pictures of his vehicle. My family are mad at him but also at me because they said I stirred sh%t and caused my sister more sh*t now that she’s arguing with BIL about him purposely missing the funeral.

My boyfriend said I did the right thing. Did I go too far here? What are your opinions?

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