Girl Is Confused As Her Roommate Asked “If Her Dad Can Sleep In Her Bed”

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I (21f) live in a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment. My boyfriend (22m) shares my bedroom and bathroom with me. My roommate (22f), let’s call her Mary, has her own bathroom and bedroom. We share a kitchen/common room. For context, Mary and i split the rent 50/50. Our names are both on the lease as it is university housing. We are both university students. She is a senior and is graduating in 3 weeks. (I am a junior so I graduate next year, my boyfriend is a senior and is also graduating in three weeks at the same university).

Yesterday Mary texted me that her dad is flying out for graduation and she is looking for hotels but they’re too expensive so he needs to stay in my bedroom. I was very confused and taken aback by this request because it seemed completely strange and inappropriate. I told her I (and my boyfriend) will be here and will be using the room (because we live here). She said that we need to leave so that she can have the room for her dad. I asked if she could use my air mattress in either her room or in our common room that he could sleep on and she said no. My boyfriend then told her that his friend has an extra twin bed in his room that he could use and she said no because she “needs to babysit him.”

She told me she has no choice but to ask me and my boyfriend to leave our apartment so her dad can have my room. When I said my boyfriend and would be staying in MY room, she said I was being unreasonable because it’s her only graduation (this is not true, she’s going to medical school next year). It is also my boyfriend’s graduation so he obviously needs to stay as well.

She said she just started looking for hotels 3 weeks before graduation because she had been too busy to do it earlier. Not only do I need my room, which I pay for, but I’m not comfortable with a man I’ve never met sleeping in my bed and staying in my room with my personal belongings without me being there. Am I A Jerk if I don’t let her use my room for her dad? 

How would you handle such a situation? any advice

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