Girl Is Sent Home to Die, Mom Prays All Night and Hears Her Saying ‘Jesus’

A distressed mother, Jamie Bakenhaster, looked-for a miracle when her three-year-old daughter, Brittany, became ill. Brittany had epilepsy and her illness was very severe.

The little girl spent years going to the hospital as doctors treated her illness. Brittany’s illness impacted the family severely as they struggled to see her grieve and fought to pay her medical expenses. Their dear child could not relish life and had to wear a head covering to shield her head during the regular seizures.

After a few weeks of time in the hospital, medics told Brittany’s parents that her whole brain was seizing and they advised her to return home so she could be relaxed before dies.

Jamie was broken-hearted, but she held on a promise from God. The mom had asked God for a miracle. She believed her daughter would be running and playing once more since God promised her it would come to an end.

After the appalling update that Brittany’s illness had worsened, Jamie said that she knew that her daughter was close to death but believed that God will take her out of the situation.

The anxious mom continued to pray all over the night after she came back home with Brittany. She was shocked when her daughter happening to speak and identify her the subsequent morning.

Jamie shared that Brittany repeated one word constantly, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.” She also defined divine peace and shared an image of Jesus with the angels. Jamie said that she knew Brittany has encountered Jesus otherwise who could tell a little girl that? 

Medics were in shock wave when Brittany came back and appeared to be curing. She grew healthier and when medics took an image of her brain, they understood she no longer required her medicine.

The medics said that a miracle has happened and the brainwave is now clear. Jamie and her daughter were cured and both sustained to share their incredible testaments.

MUST SEE: Brittany Has A Deathbed Visitor

Little Brittany Backenhaster had been sent home to die peacefully in her own bed. As she lay unconscious, the King of Peace paid her a visit. (Shared from The 700 Club)

Posted by CBN News on Sunday, 27 April 2014

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