Girl Praised Eating The Only Food At Home That Her Little Brother Could Eat.

Sibling unique bonds describe how they love one another, despise each other, make fun of each other, and then reconcile with each other. The unique sibling relationship cannot be denied. However at times being the elder sibling parents tend to see the younger one’s need a bit more. Read the story to know what happened between the siblings and their food and what are your views on this?

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We came back from our trip last night. It was late and my little brother Neil(5M) and I(17F) were hungry. My parents bought two sandwiches for us.

(I need to add that my parents are against fast food. The number of times I have eaten fast food in my entire life is less than 10 and I really love fast food)

We got home and Neil wes running around as usual while my parents tried to get him to sit down and eat but he grabbed the sandwich and ran. At one point he went to the bathroom and accidently dropped the sandwich there. He couldn’t eat it anymore so my parents looked for something else for him to eat but we only had eggs at home and he doesn’t eat eggs (sensory issues) and it was too late to get anything for him.

My parents told me to give my sandwich to my brother and eat eggs instead. They said if I do this they will buy one for me tomorrow.

I know they wouldn’t because that’s what they always do. Every time I give Neil something the next day I ask them when they are buying it for me and they say “oh we are not actually gonna buy it for you” so before anyone could take it I grabbed it, went to my room, locked the door and ate it.

Now I’m grounded and they say it was an AH move to make my little brother go to bed hungry. Am I Wrong?

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