Girl Tells Her To Dress Properly As Her Boyfriend Was Getting Distracted. This Is Gold.

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I live in a college dorm on an all-female floor. I usually wear a bra when leaving the dorm building, but I’m not going to put on a bra under my shirt just to walk down the hall to the bathroom.

A few days ago, I left my room and walked 10 yards down the hall to the water fountain, refilled my water bottle, and went back to my room. I was wearing a white tank top and no bra (the tank top was fitted but not see through, so you could only see the outline of my nips). There was a small group of people hanging out in the hall outside a few of the rooms, but I didn’t think much of it… until around half an hour later, when I got a knock on the door from one of the girls I’d seen in the hall.

She said something to the effect of “Hey, so sorry to ask you this, but if you go out into the hall again could you put a bra on? My boyfriend’s out there and he was staring a little, so…”

I’m super non-confrontational, so I was like “Yeah, sure, sorry about that!” and for the rest of that night, anytime I left my room I put a bra or sweater on.

And that was the end of it. Or so I thought.

The next day, my roommate told me she’d overheard the girl telling a few of her friends about the incident while in the bathroom. She said the girl was making it sound like I’d been purposely trying to seduce her boyfriend, wearing basically nothing, taking my time at the water fountain, posing to push out my t!ts, the whole works. When she left the bathroom, my roommate said the girl was actually acting it out at the water fountain, pretending to be me.

That night, I passed the girl and some of her friends on my way to brush my teeth (I wasn’t wearing a bra, I was already in pajamas). The girl looked pointedly down at my chest and all of them started giggling.

But the last straw was when the entire dorm got an email from the RA yesterday, saying she’d gotten some anonymous complaints about people dressing inappropriately in the hallways and asking that we all just make sure we’re keeping things covered up.

So here’s where I got my petty little revenge:

I knew that the girl’s boyfriend doesn’t go to college here (the girl and I were in the same orientation group and chatted a bit back then). I also knew that due to the pandemic, we aren’t allowed to have non-student/family guests in the dorms this year.

So I used the same anonymous complaint form to issue a complaint about people bringing their off-campus boyfriends into our dorm and them not wearing a mask (masks are mandatory in the hallways, although not frequently enforced.)

This morning, the RA emailed again saying that due to anonymous complaints, they’d be enforcing the no off-campus guests rule by checking IDs of unfamiliar guests to make sure they were students from then on.

Really, this girl should be thanking me. If she was concerned about her boyfriend seeing the vague outline of my tits in the dorm hallways, she no longer needs to worry!

Did I go too far here? What are your opinions?  

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