Girl Was Kicked Out Of The Building After A Boy Shares Her Pictures In The Building Group.

Source: Reddit

So, I live on a student residence, shared flats on every floor. I live on the 9th floor and usually take the only bus to University, so I have to be at the bus stop at exactly 9.10 am. Next bus is at 9.40, which is too late for me.

One girl living on floor number 10 usually calls the elevator and keeps the door from closing while she waits for her friend to be ready. Which keeps everyone from using the elevator from 9.00 to 9.08 or 9.09. After 3 straight days of this happening, and having to go down the stairs. I decided to get my revenge. Everytime I would go down the stairs I would call the elevator on EVERY SINGLE floor. Making it stop on the 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th,….. They would usually lose the bus. And I would be able to see them from the bus as they exit the building and gazed at the bus. They started ranting about it on the Residence’s WhatsApp group. About people being “selfish” and “major a**holes who do not care about anyone else” and how they were late to an important exam. Some random guy then sent a picture of the girl holding the elevator open with her backpack, along with the caption “Selfish?”. Hell broke loose after that.

Her floormate started complaining about how one of them would just toss her cigarettes on the organic trash and smoke in the hallways. Another girl was pissed about how she would just drop her done cigarettes on random dishes and glasses when smoking in the kitchen.

2 months after that, she got kicked out. The other girl left on her own.

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