Girl Who Couldn’t Walk For Months During Surgery SURPRISES Her Prom Date.

18-year-old Morgan Coultress was really looking forward to going to her senior prom. But the surgery she had 10 months prior to it left her with a functional neurological disorder. And because of that, she could not walk.

Her dreams of dancing the night away at the prom were shattered. But she was going to go to that prom anyway, regardless. And she was going to have a good time with her date, Tarik Garcia, regardless.

In the few days leading up to the prom, however, Morgan was more determined than ever to battle that disorder that was keeping her down. So she practiced and practiced. And with the help of special arm canes, she succeeded.

When Tarik arrived to pick Morgan up and the front door opened, she put the arm canes down and walked several steps toward him. He was completely stunned but extremely happy to see Morgan walking again. He burst through the front door and gave her a huge hug, screaming “How did you do that?” which had all of them there laughing with happiness.

The video of his reaction to Morgan walking went viral, with hundreds of thousands of retweets and more than a million likes.

To top off that amazing moment and night, Morgan was crowned Prom Queen. And to answer Tarik’s question, it was bound to happen, because Morgan, as you can plainly see, is a very determined young woman. 

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