Girlfriend Points Out Her Boyfriend The Man Who Assaulted Her On The Dance Floor. Then This Happened.

A friend of ours was getting married in Socal and we drove down to attend. It was a pretty uneventful ceremony and reception, minus the booze and drugs. A bunch of us, bride and groom included, decided we wanted to keep the party going after the reception venue closed. We ended up at the closest bar with a dance floor and this is where my petty revenge takes place.

We arrived to the bar en mass and just took over the dance floor. Everyone was drunk and happy and just having a great time. At one point I become separated from my gf and then run into her by the bar, she leans in and tells me someone grabbed her butt on the dance floor while I was with my buddies and I could tell she was upset. I asked her if she got a good look at the guy and she points him out.

At this point I’m just drunk enough and surrounded by friends enough to inflate my courage. My first reaction was to confront him, but my gf didn’t want me to cause a big scene to “protect her honor” or whatever. I relented to her wishes and started thinking up a way to get this guy back.

Then it hit me. I bet this asshat wouldn’t go around groping women if he got a taste of his own medicine. So I lead my gf back out on the dance floor, without telling her my plan, I take every opportunity to steer us close to this guy and when he’s not looking I grab a hand full of dude butt and then proceed to act completely unaware. I must have grabbed his ass 15 times throughout the night, and I’m not just talking about a light pat, I went all in hoping to make this guy as uncomfortable as he made her feel. He never caught me and it was the greatest feeling ever telling my girlfriend after the night had ended.

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