Girlfriend Spends Complete Paycheck On His Christmas Gift But Gets Nothing In Return.

Story by Abbey Elizabeth Boone

One time, I spent 3 hours cooking an extravagant meal for a man only to be told “I don’t really like that. I think I want Wendy’s tonight.”

Tonight, my boyfriend said “thank you for cooking” after I put frozen chicken strips in the oven.

One time, I spent my entire paycheck on a man’s Christmas present and got nothing in return.

Now, my boyfriend surprises me with things randomly, just because.

One time, I had to drive around late at night to “find” the guy I was dating, only to realize my worst fears of where he was came true.

Now, nights are reserved for my boyfriend and I to watch our Netflix shows.

One time, I thought forever was being yelled at daily over the smallest, most unimportant things.

Now I know I’d much rather it be with the man I just spent 10 minutes trying to nail in the head with a cheese-it because he hit me with one when I wasn’t looking. 😅😂

I think we’re conditioned to think we don’t deserve the kind of man we really want.

I think sometimes we don’t KNOW the kind of man we really want because society leads us to believe that we have to “excuse” certain things or that that’s just the way men are.

Don’t ever think you have to put up with it.

If you have a weird feeling about it…

You’re not stuck.

You’re not too picky.

You’re not dramatic.

You’re not just over reacting.

It’s never too late to find someone who appreciates you and who you can appreciate back. (Because that’s important, too!)

Take it from someone who had to learn the hard way more than once. WAIT for what you deserve.

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